2019-2020 Scholarship Winners

$5,000 Scholarship Winner Shelba Akins


Growing up my family and I enjoyed getting out in the community to lakes, streams, and river to clean up trash.  I was taught from an early age to always leave something better than I found it, and I have kept this motto my entire life.  To build on what my upbringing instilled in me, I regularly attend community events where I can be a positive force in the community: including St. Jude, Special Olympics, Amazing Games, and Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  That final one hit close to home these past two years, as my coworkers and myself made it a point to rally around a close friend fighting breast cancer.  It makes me proud to be able to contribute to these wonderful community events.  My passion to help others has always been in my heart, I believe this is how I made the decision to join the medical field.  The experiences I have received from my community and work environment, have all helped me prepare for the future in Respiratory Therapy.

Shelba Akins - Tulsa Community College- Owasso High School

$2,500 Scholarship Winner Alea Condor


Nineteen years ago, a high school junior walked into Crisis Pregnancy Outreach with one goal in mind.  That goal was to give the baby she was carrying a future filled with opportunities she knew she could not provide.  That baby was me, Alea Condor, an Owasso High School student, who was placed into a loving family by a young brave birth mother looking to give me a better future.  My ultimate goal is to work in Neonatal Intensive Care or Pediatrics and help the little ones and their families.  As a young child, I helped my parents with my twin brothers who are also adopted.  They were born at 32 weeks gestation, and had multiple medical issues.  If it weren't for the amazing NICU nurses, who took care of my baby brothers (and gave me a sneak peek of them in their isolettes), they wouldn't be able to have the opportunities they have today.  Watching the NICU nurses and others care for my brothers, sparked a desire to help these little ones get a good start in life.  

Alea Condor - Owasso High School

$2,500 Scholarship Winner Caleb Smith


"What does it do?" I asked my grandfather as he set me on his lap, preparing to complete my check-up.  A cool touch of metal to my chest and a few plugs in my ears told me it was used to listen to my heart, but that answer only generated a hundred more questions in my little brain.  I implored about other magnificent feats my body was capable of and my grandfather had an answer for everything I threw at him.  A new door was opened to me the day I questioned my grandfather's stethoscope; the reverberating rhythm of my heart I heard from it sparked a scientific curiosity in my that burns to this day.    Through my colleagues at OSU-COM I sought out medical experiences.  Dr. James Herrington, who collaborates with Dr. Vassar, gave my opportunities to see what medicine was like in practice.  In the emergency room with him, I was able to meet patients from a vast array of backgrounds.  The emergency room is not a place that smiles are typically seen, but if I were able to change the mood of and bring comfort to those I conversed with, I felt I had contributed in the most satisfying way I could.

Caleb Smith - Oklahoma State University - Owasso High School


Additional scholarships totaling $10,000 awarded to the following students


Owasso High School  

Abigail McKinney

Ciara Locker

Jacob Batterton

Madison Dishman

Collinsville High School  

Abraham Lor


Caney Valley High School  

Chenoa Webb

Continuing College Education

Alexandrea Culp - graduate of Claremore High School - currently attending Rogers State College

Autumn Rosenthal - 2018 graduate of Owasso High School - currently attending Oral Roberts University

Chelsea Allen - 2016 graduate of Oologah High School - currently attending Rogers State College

Lauren Harshfield - 2017 graduate of Owasso High School - currently attending Tulsa Community College/Rogers State College

Shelby Roye - 2017 graduate of Bixby High School - currently attending Tulsa Community College