2018-2019 Scholarship winners


$5,000 Scholarship Winner

 Brooke Eigenheer is a senior at Collinsville High School.  She will be attending Texas Christian University in Fort Worth in the Fall of 2018, majoring in Biology with plans to be accepted into the pre-Pharmacy program.  Brooke talks about Texas Christian University as a place that focuses on challenging students to mentally think of how we can change the world for the better.  “I feel as I study to be a pharmacist, I will be faced with numerous challenges academically and financially.”  Brook credits her mother as being the person that has influenced her life the most.  “Coming from a single parent household my mom has motivated me to attend college and pursue a degree, because she did the same.” 

$3,000 Scholarship Winner

 Autumn Rosenthal is a senior at Owasso High School.  She will be attending Tulsa Community College in the Fall of 2018 studying Health Sciences with the goal of becoming a physical therapist.  Autumn tells us that in 2017 she was diagnosed with Gullain Barre Syndrome and was paralyzed from the neck down.  Having no feeling in her body left her powerless and scared.  When she met her physical therapist…”He gave me the reassurance I needed to let go of my fear.  He helped instill courage in me as I trusted in him to begin the rehabilitation process.  He gave me hope and empowered me to believe I could stand again, I could walk again, I could be myself again.  I want to help people and give them hope the way he inspired me.” 

$1,000 Scholarship Winners


Collinsville High School
  Emily Giddens
  Megan Giddens

Sperry High School
  Fatima Mejia

Owasso High School
  Dawson Baker
  Mason Downs
  Molly Rhames
  Morgan Krispense
  Peyton Nealis
  Taylor Gardner

Continuing Education
Dana Thomas – 2016 graduate of Broken Arrow High School – currently attending Tulsa University
Chelsea Allen – 2016 graduate of Oologah High School – currently attending Rogers State College
Lauren Harshfield – 2017 graduate of Owasso High School – currently attending Tulsa Community College